Title: From The Vault: Nikki Delano
Model name: Nikki Delano
Description: Scenes from the Vault are some of our fan-favorite releases that date back to the starting years of the Virtual Reality Adult Business. We have taken each release and completely remastered it. The scenes have been taken down from their original 360-degree release and placed into a much higher resolution 180-degree file. Each scene's audio, color correcting and aspect ratio have been tweaked to give our viewers a much better experience. We hope you enjoy revisiting some of our earliest content with the world's biggest names in porn.Nikki really wants to tone her body. The sexy blonde who already looks amazing wants to pump up her booty even more. So, to do this she decided to bring on a personal trainer. As Derrick Pierce, Nikki wants you to show her the ropes because she's really not sure what moves are good or what works best with her body.After a few reps, you can tell Nikki is one of those girls who gets off at the gym. She seems to almost have a small orgasm with every single lift. With every lift, checking out her bubble butt and hearing her purr, you can't help but get hard.Cardio is great for the body and can help churn through those extra calories. You have a few special routines you want to show Nikki. She's ready for it now, and she's up for learning new moves. Those workout pants she's wearing are just too constricting though. Better take them off. It's also best to make your client feel comfortable, so you ditch your pants as well. Of course, now, Nikki can see just how throbbing you are right now.Before you can show Nikki the new cardio moves, she clamps down on your cock with her mouth. Her body glistening from the workout. Her mouth massages over your throbbing manhood. You do need to do your job though and inspect Nikki, to make sure the workouts are paying off. Best start with the pussy. So, you move in for a better look. Only way to find out if those Kegel exercises are paying off is to get up inside, so you slide your tongue deep into her wetness. Yup. She's strong and tight. But better feel around with your tongue, just to make sure.It is time to really put Nikki's tightness to the test. You're also ready to put her through a real workout, so you kick back from her pussy and slide your big, hard shaft deep into her pussy. Wow is she tight. Even after feeling her out with your tongue, it is amazing how her lips swallow your shaft. She knows it is a workout though, so she begins working her hips, pushing her ass back against your body, back and forth, faster and faster. It really works the core, and she tightens around you.As a personal trainer, you understand the importance of switching up the moves. Going fast and then slowing it down for a second is good for the heart as well. It is difficult work, but hey, you're a personal trainer and it is your job.You can tell the workout is about to come to an end, so it's time to ready Nikki's protein shake. Need to keep those muscles growing strong. Best way to feed Nikki her protein is to pump it deep into her mouth. That way she'll get every last drop.
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