Title: Speed Dating On Valentines Day!
Model name: Leda Lothoria
Description: Leda Lothoria doesn't have any Valentine's Day plans this year so she decided to attend your speed dating get together. Leda heard these events can be a lot of fun and besides, who wants to be alone on Valentine's Day? The first few guys she met were not really her type. Sure, they were funny and each guy had some things she liked but Lea Lotharia knew if she waited long enough the guy she really wanted would finally be across the table from her. From the second you let her into your house Leda was eye-fucking you. Waiting patiently until the other contenders left the event so that she could get you alone. Leda knew that you had the same thing on your mind. This whole event was set up so that you two could get together. As soon as you found yourself alone Leda was moving the table over so that she could get at your hard cock. Fuck dating, Leda wants to skip all of that busy work and get straight to fucking...
9K 6:44 08.03.2020