Title: A Very Hard Day At Work!
Model name: Kenzie Madison
Description: Kenzie Madison hates her job. Well, maybe it isn't the job that is bad but rather her creep of a boss. She comes storming home halfway through her workday and catches you by surprise. Kenzie Madison immediately goes to the kitchen for a drink to calm down and continues to vent about how much of a perv her boss always is. You don't mind listening to her venting. You know that your ability to be there for her always turns her on. If you just wait it out, eventually you will get amazing sex as repayment.Today is no different. Once Kenzie calms down, she stares into your eyes and realizes what an incredible boyfriend you are. Time for you to get your treat. You get to watch her sensually strip down as she grabs your hard cock and prepares to give you the blowjob of a lifetime. Its all you can do to try and hang in there while she gets wet enough to take you all the way in. You always wind up getting what you want out of this relationship. It's mutually beneficial. You listen... She fucks...it always turns into a good FUCKING time...
27K 6:45 06.11.2019